Study in Italy

  • Higher Education in Italy
    Higher education in Italy changed in 1999 when its universities switched to a new system of study. Universities in Italy now divide what was originally a 5-year education program into 3 years devoted to university (Bachelor’s degree) and 2 years following in education toward a Master’s degree. Certain educations in Italy still run for the full 5-year duration. In addition, a new Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) was established around this time, replacing the two previous organizations and making the management of study in Italy more efficient.

    At present, education at a university in Italy provides students a choice between institutions including:

    • State Universities - public institutions endowed with their own management of scientific, teaching, managerial, financial and book-keeping matters
    • Private Universities, which are recognized by the State of Italy
    • Technical Universities
    Within university, students can choose between 4 main courses:
    • University diploma
    • Bachelor of Arts/ Science
    • Research doctorate
    • Diploma of Specialization